Speech Therapy


Evaluations are strongly encouraged before

beginning therapy. Depending on the reason

why you are considering therapy for your child, an

evaluation may be required to assure that we provide the most effective and appropriate therapy for your child. Evaluations typically take about 2 hours. On occasion, assessments may be conducted in-home or in-school to allow a child to be in his or her most natural environment. If you feel that this would be best for your child, please let us know when scheduling your evaluation.


The assessment will examine your child’s speech, receptive and expressive language skills and pragmatic (social) skills. Once the evaluation is complete, you will receive a detailed report explaining our findings and indicating if therapy is recommended. In cases where therapy is recommended, the assessment report will include a treatment plan and goals to be addressed during therapy sessions.


At Superior Speech, we believe in a nurturing, positive, fun therapy environment. We want our kids to feel excited to come to see us! Additionally, we encourage family members to be involved during therapy sessions. This allows for parents/caregivers to learn how to best encourage and support their child’s progress at home and participate even more as their child’s skills improve.


Therapy sessions are typically held in our boutique style location. Duration and frequency are determined for each individual client.  Please contact us in regards to our concierge service. 



Articulation Disorders

Phonological Disorders

Motor Speech Disorders

Developmental Delays

Expressive Language Disorders

Receptive Language Disorders

Social Communication Disorders

Early Fluency 

Early Literacy 

Late Talkers 

Feeding Disorders (infant through adult populations)  

Swallowing Disorders (infant through adult populations)  F.E.E.S TRAINED AND CERTIFIED, AMPcare CERTIFIED NEUROMUSCULAR STIMULATION

Picky Eating and Food Aversion (SOS Sensory)

Accent Modification 

Myofunctional Therapy (Please visit Myofuncational Page)

Professional Inservices/Presentations (Please contact for more information)

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